rattan shelving

cherrie from netherlands sent in this lovely rattan shelving salvaged from a degernes rattan bed storage box.

“my husband and i once lived in a flat so small we HAD to have a sofa bed if we wanted a double bed at all. along with a beddinge sofa bed we bought along the degernes rattan bed storage box. when things improved, we moved to a decent sized flat where we could put a proper bed in the bedroom.

we had no use for the trundle box anymore, but i love the rattan on metal frames it’s made of. i reckoned they’re sturdy enough to support lightweight decoration items on, so i went back to ikea, picked up a couple of hall wall brackets, and mounted the rattan planks on top.


one of these shelves is now in our daughter’s nursery (pix above). it looks just perfect in the room. for additional safety, i inserted metal pegs (ones usually used as plank support in cupboards – sorry, i have no idea what those are properly called) into the screw holes, which fixed the plank to the brackets so you don’t accidentally pull the whole plank if you pull something on it.

i love it! it’s quite a bargain too, considering the box costs $40, and you get 4 planks in two different lengths to work with.”

Jules Yap