dining table with vika fintorp legs

this is one sexy dining table for two that jackson built. don’t you just love the curvy legs?

“this is the dining table i built using the vika fintorp table legs. first, i constructed the underframe (the black pieces of wood seen through the glass top).
table_1 table_2

essentially, i made it like a large picture frame using 45 degree miter cuts. after painting each component, i attached the legs to the frame and then simply placed the window on top. the fit is so snug between the underframe and the frame of the window that i didn’t even have to connect them in any way. the total cost for this project was around $60, not including tools or painting supplies which i already had on hand. the cost rundown goes like this:
vika fintorp legs: $40
window from Habitat Restore: $5
wood for the underframe: $5
yellow paint: $10

i later painted the feet of the vika fintorp legs black, which was a very surprising improvement over the original drab gray.

i’m very happy with the way the dining table turned out and think it fits my little space perfectly!
jackson’s non-ikea bonus: “the pictures also include another small hack. although it is not from ikea, it sells a very similar product. the snake plant on the table is planted inside of a simple box shelf. i cut a piece of sheet metal to the right size, liquid nailed it on the bottom of the shelf, and then caulked the inside. i think it looks great for such a simple hack.”