high kitchen countertop with storage drawers

one kitchen size does not fit all. here’s how carsten added almost 8 inches of height to his kitchen base unit.

“as i am really tall, i always wanted a kitchen with a high countertop. these are insanely expensive, so we used a standard ikea faktum (similar to akurum) kitchen with white arlig doors an placed these little wooden drawers (we don’t remember the name, but they are quite similar to the mackis drawers), that were painted to match, on top of them.

Faktum 2 Faktum 3

then we topped the whole thing off with a dark brown countertop that is fastened to the wall. the bigger brown square in the middle is one of the boxes turned sideways to match the overall length of the kitchen. the result is a countertop height of 108cm instead of the standard 89.”