Kilby goes for a roll

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1331250329589 762453

Materials: Kilby bookcase, casters, scrap from fridge cover panels

Description: I had a 10 inch gap between my fridge and the wall. My older house didn’t have a pantry, so i thought I’d try to make that work. I decided to go with a bookcase, and the only one ANYWHERE I could find shallow enough was the Kilby.

I thought about a rail system, but couldn’t find anything that would work, so I decided to go with casters. As you can see, the pantry is full, so I’ll just describe what how I made it work, but it’s not too difficult. I used 2x4s to build up the space between the base of the cab (the cavity on the bottom of any cabinet) and the rails that it sits on. The amount of shimming depends on the size of your casters, again, up to you.

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I put a caster (I used fixed, not swivel) on each corner, made sure they would roll straight, and fixed them through the 2x4s into the base of the bookcase. I then measured the opening between the wall and fridge and cut a piece of scrap cover panel I had from my massive fridge enclosure, and attached that to the front (through the back, like all cover panels). I found the middle of the panel, and eyeballed a good height for a handle, and attached. I then cut another short piece of cover panel to make up the side gap above the fridge. Hope this helps!

~ Ryan

Jules Yap