a hanging display shelf

this is the first time i’ve seen the lack shelf hung from the ceiling. a neat idea from perkin, though i’ll worry about knocking those candles over.

to create this shelf suspended from the ceiling, i attached four cup hooks to the side of the lack shelf (2 on each long-side). then i screwed in 4 ceiling hooks. i used toggle bolts so the shelf could take a lot of weight. the ceiling hooks were spaced exactly the same as the cup hooks. i bought some white chains from home depot and connected the hooks. i used white so it would be less noticeable against the white wall, but they also have nice metal ones if you want a more industrial look.
IMG_0805 IMG_0425

i ended up filling the shelf with candles of varying heights but it can definitely hold heavier things like books. i really enjoy the dramatic look when all the candles are lit. i did this about a year ago and have recently moved, so it’s all dismantled.”