a twist on the skimra shades

a nice play on the skimra lamp shades from alex. the shades come in 3 sizes and assorted colours, so this can turn out to be a really fun arrangement.


skimra lampshades 2x 6″ and 2x 9″
some uplamp that i can’t find on the ikea website. i think it was discontinued because i was able to buy it for $9.99, and it was normally $19.99.

also used some clear nylon thread (available in the ikea fabric section) and some ceiling hooks, i think if i were to do it again, i would’ve bought 100lb test fishing line.

most of the skimra i just hung using doubled nylon thread tied to the light-bulb attachment rings inside them, and looped them up to the ceiling hooks. i should have bought one more, because odd numbered groupings tend to look better than even numbered ones. for the rightmost one, i was able to use one of the 6″ skimra upside down inside the 9″ one to create a slightly different look to it.

(the blinds, carpet and lounge chair are also ikea. bookcase is from blu dot, lamp is from CB2, and the couches are vintage.)