Ribba + Oppdal

Photo: IKEA.com

Materials: Ribba LED picture light, Oppdal bedframe

Description: At first I cut off the lower back Part of the Ribba LED picture light (photo below, upper left picture). I also cut off the part between the drill holes of it, so that I can put the cables in between (photo below, upper right pic).

Next I removed the front part of the headstand of the bed and drilled the Ribbas in. When put together there is only a small gap between the large front and the upper part, so one could also cut a groove into it to make everything flush.

Other items on the picture:
Ribba, Oppdal, Fejka, Rutbo, Aläng
Gäspa, MYSA VETE 240×220,2x Gosa Pinje, 2x Gosa Raps

~ Ralf B, Cologne Germany