turn ugly old tables into work of art

melsky, an artist, does her thing on two vika amon tables.

“the first thing i did was sand it really well. then i filled in some of the gaps where the wood had splintered with wood putty. then i sanded again. i gave it three coats of primer with zinsser bull’s eye primer-sealer stain killer 123, which is an excellent base coat for wooden furniture.”

then, she started painting the background colour and added roses, leaves and stars in Golden brand acrylic paint. Lastly, she painted on two coats of water based urethane clear finish.

she adds, “though i’m moving to sadly ikea-less syracuse, NY, i look at pieces of pre-fab inexpensive furniture differently now, as something that can be made into something else and not just cheap furniture that you keep until it falls apart.”

see more of melsky’s table. the tables, however, have been sold.

she also does mirrors.

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