Building a computers rack with Besta shelf unit

IMG 0117 750191
IMG 0117 750191

Materials: 1 x BESTA 801.340.48, 4 x wheels from IKEA furnitures, sliding structure for BESTA

1) Buy a Besta shelf 192x60x40
2) Fit the shelves to fit your needs, in my case, computers, UPS, printer, monitor, speakers and network communication devices.
3) Install the sliding structure, buy a table which fits in the platform to keep the keyboard in.
4) Screw the wheels to the bottom of the shelf unit.
5) Cut the back panel following your needs for computers ventilation and cooling.

IMG 0108 752139
IMG 0116 753711
IMG 0110 754552

You are done!

See more of the Besta computer station.

~ Lorenzo Martinez, Madrid (Spain)

Jules Yap