Slim laundry hamper made to fit small laundry area

Thinking out of the shoe box, John finds a smart solution for a slim laundry hamper.

He takes the IKEA SANDNES shoe cabinet to fit his 8″ deep and 42″ wide space for laundry.

“We took an IKEA SANDNES shoe storage cabinet, threw away the legs, and mounted the cabinet directly to the wall. Instead of using it for shoes, we use it as a laundry bin.

The two right flippers hold whites and the left ones hold the darks. We didn’t need a lot of hamper storage as the washer-dryer is in the adjacent bathroom. Works for us.”

Slim laundry hamper made to fit small laundry area

See more of John’s slim laundry hamper here.

Slim Laundry Hamper post update:

The IKEA SANDNES is no longer in production. Try this same hack on the IKEA STÄLL, HEMNES or BISSA shoe cabinets. They should work just as well.


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