Laundry organizer from kitchen cabinets

Materials: Faktum article number: 441.786.10

Description: This describes a solution to be able to organize white and coloured laundry.

Take 2 Faktum kitchen 441.786.10 units and one package of shelves

1) Trim a little bit the bottom side panel so you can nail the back panel later on without any obstructions.

2) Put the unit together as planned but flip the bottom panel in this way that the “nice” side is on the outside of the unit

3) Flip the complete unit so the top goes on the bottom and add the front panels

4) Nail one shelf per unit on the bottom, or you can use it as a “threshold”

5) Put a bucket on the top and draw a circle, cut it out

6) Nail some cable conduit clips to the border of the inner circle to have a nice finish

7) You can nail some “felt” caps on the bottom so they are not touching the ground

8) Fix them together and adjust the door panels (you can also flip the doors as desired)

9) Enjoy your creation

~ Mortias