a bedside beauty

00 - Noresund

need a sexy bedside table? jason shows us how.

“my girlfriend recently moved into a new apartment and was thinking of a cheap bedside table. she had a piece of circular glass she got from somewhere and thought maybe it could be placed on something (a planter?) after looking for a suitable host – and failing – we saw the noresund table at ikea: 19.99! the price can’t be beat but it was a little uninspiring, looks wise.

i had printed up some vintage pin-ups for her wall, so she suggested i put one on the table top. a wonderful idea. i played around in photoshop with a gil elvgren work (the best pin-up artist ever) and got the design right, had it printed and mod podged that baby on there.

01 - Gil Elvgren Pinup 02 - Table Design
artwork and table design

one note on assembly: to make sure the image was centered, i drew diagonal lines from corner to corner on the printed image, then drilled a hole in the center of the table to ensure everything was perfect.

03 - Printed and Glued
printed and glued

04 - Finished Product

finished table!

i also glued it to the table and then let that dry before sealing with the mod podge – the wetness from the glue can separate the printed layer from the paper on certain types of prints. the glass was a nice finishing touch, but it is by no means required. the table is a beautiful conversation piece that came in at around 30 bucks. i know it’s just a simple mod podge job but you never know what might catch someone’s fancy, and it’s worth knowing that the noresund is just begging to be adorned with the sexy image of your choice.”