hacks for the holidays

two little hacks to get us in the festive mood.

a polarvide santa suit
sabine from germany sent me this some time ago but i decided to keep it for the holidays. “for a christmas party, we made out of 2 red polarvide throws and a litte bit of plush, a santa claus costume. it was a cheap and fast way to have a costume.”

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an ikea menorah

anna of forty-two roads makes a modern hanukkah menorah with an ikea candle holder.
2059916963_938d075636_o 2060697958_0520f7e433_o

just hammer some tacks into the center of the metal cups in the hallare candle holder to hold the candles upright. after placing in the candles, add some white rocks (florera) for stability.

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Jules Yap