limited space? just double up the storage

greg did a double on a cd cabinet to max out his storage space. (if i’m not mistaken, it is an old robin cd shelving unit. i can’t find the link on ikea’s website though)

greg writes, “here is a quick hack i worked up to maximize cd storage space. i took 2 ikea cd storage units (they are a number of years old so i don’t have the names) and put them back-to-back.

cd storage
twin cd storage
cd shelf

my friend allan kindly cut a 3/4″ piece of pine to size, screwed the pine into the base of both units, screwed on two mending plates to the top to join them together at the other end, attached 4 castor wheels, and voila! rolling storage that fits snugly into the available space!”

dvd storage
cd cabinet
cd cabinet

Jules Yap