redeeming the dalselv bed


i got to agree with ashiado that the dalselv headboard is too tall and thin. she cleverly hacked the headboard, retaining its design but bringing balance to its overall looks.

“the dalselv bed came pretty close to what we wanted except that we didn’t like the head board. actually, rephrase: we hated the original headboard! especially with how high it was. to us it just seemed like an awkward design. but with a couple of very simple hacks, we turned it into something we like and continue to use.

we went to a hardware store and purchased 6 wooden dowels to replace the thin metal dowels of the original head board (see the three black vertical spindles on each side of the head board).
image_1 image_4 image_3

then we cut the 3 bed posts of the head board (left, center and right) down to the height of the middle horizontal beam of the head board. last, we took the horizontal beam from the very top of the original head board and screwed it directly into the top of the middle horizontal beam. this gives the bed a much more stable feeling and, in our opinion, a more elegant look.”