EXPEDIT Storage Bed

Materials: EXPEDIT Shelving unit, 4 Plywood, 4X4, 5′ Hinge, Black King size sheets

Description: As we live in a condo we really needed more storage space so after visiting this site (thanks a lot for the inspiration) I decided to build my own bed, for a Queen size mattress using 3 Expedit Shelving units and the other materials previously listed.

Sadly I only have pictures of the finished product.

The whole thing is pretty simple:

Cut the 4 by 4 (you need 5 legs) to the exact width of the Shelving units. Those legs will be between the plywood INSIDE the space between the shelving units. One in the middle and one in each corner. So the weight of the mattress and the people sleeping on it will both be on the legs and the shelving units.

You need a total of 4 plywood panels, 2 for the upper panel and 2 for the lower one that rests on the floor.

The upper plywood is in 2 piece linked with a hinge so we can remove the mattress, open one side of the bed and access all that space between the shelving units.

Both upper and lower plywood are simply wrapped in a Black king size sheet and we used wood tacks to fix it.

It really give a great result and a LOT of storage space for everything we don’t use too often like camping stuff. You can put baskets in the shelving units for everything you use more often.

~ Alex, Quebec province