a little bit of blue for the aneboda

unless you are ultra organized, the transparent panels in the aneboda chest of drawers will always squeal on your less that neat habits. claudia covers them up with some lovely paper from oliver bonas.
gaveteiro1 1570508194_96a11c6212_m

to do this hack, you’ll need to measure the area to cover with a tape measure. with a pencil, mark the area on your selected paper. place the paper on top of the panel to see if fits correctly and make adjustments, if required.

apply glue on the panels and stick on the paper from one side to the other, pressing with your fingers as you go along to prevent the formation of bubbles. repeat until all panels are covered.

no more “un-neatness”.
see more on claudia’s superziper blog (in portuguese) or the google translated english version.