a twin horby pendant lamp


scott bought the horby pendant lamp (right) but it wasn’t adequate for the space he intended it for. what to do then? buy two and fuse them together.

here’s how scott did it:
1. disassemble both lights of all their parts.
2. drill 16 identical, evenly spaced holes in the flat metal base to hold the new arms. (4×4 square pattern)
3. place second transformer in the ceiling base. (because the voltage on these bulbs are only 12V you must use both transformers that come with each light)
4. use sprinkler cable for the main wire (it has 5 wires-you will need a minimum of 4), you’ll need two pairs of live/neutral wires per each transformer/8 lights.
5. wire 8 arms together….pairing each black wire together with one of the live wires from the main.
6. repeat until both live (black) and neutral (white) wires are attached to on of the main wires.
7. use wire ties within both ceiling base and cone base to secure all connections so they don’t separate when installed.
8. join the two live wires from the ceiling base together with the main in the ceiling. repeat with the neutral wires.

and here’s what he got: