IKEA hacks bathroom special: Space saving floating vanity

A floating vanity is always a good idea. It gives the bathroom a light airy feel and it’s easy to clean the area under the sink cabinet.

Here are some space saving floating vanity hacks.

IKEA Hack floating vanity with 2 drawers

Clever, clever use of the STOLMEN chest! David M. turns it into a floating vanity. Perfect for small bathrooms.

Space saving floating vanity

David M writes, “I made a floating vanity out of the IKEA STOLMEN chest with 2 drawers. I wall mounted it and modified it for use as a vanity. And it costs only $50 instead of $1500. I found the sink and faucet at Grassroots Modern.

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Of course, there’s a drain and p-trap coming down from the sink and going back to the wall.

In order to make the drawers functional, I had to shorten them. This wasn’t particularly difficult.

Here’s how to shorten the drawers for the floating vanity:

  1. Cut the drawer base to the desired depth
  2. Cut a groove to receive the drawer back
  3. Drill 4 holes to attach the drawer back with the original plastic IKEA hardware.

Works just like it did before, only the drawers are a little less than half as deep. It’s a lot better than nothing, though.

Space saving floating vanity with two drawers. IKEA STOLMEN hack

And my wife uses the top drawer as countertop space when she’s getting ready in the morning because our floating vanity is so small.

Wall-mounting the vanity turned out to be easier than I thought.

I took a 4′ section of 1.5″ angle stock from home depot, cut 2 pieces of about 19″, bolted it with some pretty heavy bolts to the studs in the wall.

Then, drilled a couple holes on top of the new vanity at the back to correspond with the holes in the angle stock and bolted the vanity to the bracket.

I then bolted up a second bracket to the wall inside the vanity at the bottom and bolted the vanity to that. From there, I cut a hole in the top of the vanity for the faucet and another for the drain, mounted the sink and faucet and that was it.”

See more pictures of David’s floating vanity on flickr photoset.

IKEA sink with custom cherry wood vanity

A nice bathroom redo from Denis.

He says, “I used a HOLLVIKEN sink but created my own floating counter with cherry wood.

Here is the bathroom before to show the ugliness.

bathroom with yellow tiles and pedestal sink - before

And here are 2 photos at different angles of the sink.

IKEA sink with custom cherry wood floating vanity
IKEA sink with custom cherry wood floating vanity

I took measurements for the space and cut the wood for the required pieces, which was basically a box without a bottom. The wood must be properly treated to withstand dampness. I finished it with a few coats of polyurethane.

Then, I got a few heavy duty brackets and installed them on the wall. And the cherry wood box is secured on top of the brackets.

Next I traced the hole for the IKEA HOLLVIKEN sink and cut the top to fit the sink. Lastly, I placed the sink in and sealed all the edges with clear waterproof silicone.

And the bathroom redo is complete. As different as day and night.

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Jules Yap