how to make your cat lose weight

can’t stay away from food? piling on the pounds? then you’ve got a fat cat problem. the solution is not gym sessions but a feeder cage.

in cassandra’s multi-cat household, she usually leaves dry food for her cats to eat anytime they want to. but vernon, a previous stray, doesn’t know when to stop and has become overweight. cassandra built a feeder cage from an ikea kitchen cart (which she have long forgotten the name of) which only allows slim kitties to get in and nibble.


she tells me, “we did it with an old kitchen cart. the little doorway was made from two ikea picture frames. (ed: the cats crawl through the picture frame doorway to get into the cage. the doorway is made smaller than big vernon) the longer sides are hinged and latched with velcro so that we can get in and out for cleaning and stocking.”

slim cat gets to eat

click the link to see instructions and more pictures of cassandra’s cat feeder cage.

Jules Yap