your work lamp can do double duty

christina turns a work table lamp into ambient lighting for the room as well.

she writes, “i always liked the mobility of a work table light, especially for reading in an armchair. but in a living room, the opaque shade dulled out the light for the rest of the room. so i took an ikea tertial work lamp, removed the original shade, and installed a skimra shade.
Maile Ikea LIght 1 Maile Ikea LIght 2 Maile Ikea light 3

to do this, i had to only make a small cut in the skimra frame, using wire cutters. the skimra shade is designed to be attached to the light bulb. so that took care of it being also attached to the work lamp as well.

the shade gives a nice glow to the room, and makes a great reading or general use lamp for the living room.”