a desk hack

joshua‘s desk created from bits and pieces of ikea.

the black legs are 1/4″ thick steel speaker stands that were custom built a few years ago. the thin horizontal board is the backing from an old ikea bookshelf and is screwed to the top plate of each speaker stand from below by three drywall screws.

computer deskcomputer deskthe main desk surface is from an ikea coffee table, also held in place on top of the board by two 3″ drywall screws.

the computer and external hard drive platform is an L-shaped lower shelf from an ikea computer desk. it interestingly has cut drumsticks as legs to keep the computer off the ground.

to stabilize the desk, joshua screwed a 6″x9″ L-bracket into a stud in the wall as an anchor.

see more of joshua’s desk flickr set and instructions.

Jules Yap