KNAGGLIG crate in custom size: A how-to

custom size knagglig crate

Here’s a how-to on customizing the size of a KNAGGLIG crate

I hope this information is useful to somebody.

It is not a real high-tech or difficult hack, but I was browsing the internet myself and could not find any information on modifying the sizes.

So, here it is!

I was thinking of making right size crates from scratch, but just buying the wood alone was more expensive than buying these crates from IKEA.

For comparison, the original KNAGGLIG on the left and the customized sized on the right.

KNAGGLIG crate in custom size: A how-to
KNAGGLIG crate in custom size: A how-to

I wanted to adjust the crate to make it fit better into the IVAR cabinet. Now, after the modification 3 crates fit 1 shelf instead of 2.

resized ikea knagglig crate
IKEA items used:
Other materials used:

How to resize KNAGGLIG crate

ikea crate parts - before assembly

First, you need to measure the size you want to make the crate. (If you want to make it fit into a IVAR cabinet, make sure to not only measure the shelf depth, but also take into account the bar screwed onto the inside of the doors 😉 ).

When you know the right dimension, cut the two side pieces and the bottom all to the same length. I cut them with the nailed bars still attached, this way it is easier to make a clean straight cut.

cut to desired length
cut parts

Then, remove the bars from the cut-off parts and remove any remaining nails.

Put out the nails
crate parts - shortened

Re-attach the bottom bar to the cut bottom. I made sure to align the nails to not end up in the old nail holes. Since I only had some very small nails, I also added some glue. Make sure to align the 3 edges off the bar and the bottom and put the screw holes on the right location.

reattach bar

Now, drill the holes into the bottom (⌀4mm) at the location of the holes in the bar. If you don’t do this, the wood is likely to split when you screw it later.

reattached bar

Now assemble the 2 adjusted side pieces to 1 of the front pieces and attach the bottom. Also screw the bars of the cut off side pieces to the other front piece. (Make sure the nail holes are facing outside to not have them visible in the finished crate).


Also here I added some glue on the side bar to reinforce the nail connection.

attach with glue and nails

Put in place the last front part and add the nails. Again, try to avoid the old nail holes.When connecting the parts, make sure to align the position of the wooden bars of the two panels.


Screw in to last two screws in the bottom, and you are done!

KNAGGLIG crate in custom size: A how-to
KNAGGLIG crate in custom size: A how-to

~ Pauline (Utrecht, The Netherlands)

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