how to keep up with your dvd collection

a dvd collection grows faster than fungus and space soon becomes a problem. jeremy takes 2 dvd stands to create larger storage for his.

“they are no longer listed on ikea’s online catalog, i bought 2 dvd holders from Ikea awhile ago. they each had 5 shelves, made out of metal, and neat concrete bases. i bought them before i lived in a loft, because i knew i wanted to live in a loft, the one we’re at specifically, and thought they would look great – and they do.

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problem is, we have way too many dvds – more then enough to fill both towers up to the brim and more! a few of them were larger box sets and i didn’t want a line of dvd holders stretched along the wall so i ran to the hardware store and came back with five 3 foot long boards. they are 6″ wide and 3/8″ thick and fit perfectly if you turn the dvd towers sideways. now i can just buy longer boards if we have more dvds to store – i think it looks great as it is, but with a little gunship gray paint i doubt you’d be able to tell these are wood from a distance. for added safety, bolt them to the stands, and then screw some angle iron into the wood to hold the dvds and prevent sliding.”