Love Your IKEA TROFAST Again with These Chic Closed Cabinet Makeovers

ikea trofast storage cabinet

Are you tired of your IKEA TROFAST shelves displaying all your clutter?

You can transform those open shelves into neatly closed storage units that hide away the mess.

Whether you need kitchen cabinets, bathroom organizers, or toy storage clutter-busters, these two TROFAST makeovers will conceal everything in stylish custom designs.

IKEA TROFAST Storage Unit with BURLAP Door

Photo Credit: @honeytnr

For this first hack, Tantely, who shares her DIY projects on Instagram @honeytnr, shows us how to give a used TROFAST new life.

Step 1: The Refresh

Her unit was covered in stickers and looked a bit worn. First, she rubbed it down with turpentine white spirit to remove the stickers. After the clean-up came the fun part – choosing a fresh new paint color. Before applying the top coat, she gave the storage unit a light sanding, then rolled on a 2-in-1 primer and finish matt paint in Rose Vintage.

A few thin coats of paint later, the TROFAST looked as good as new. A few sprays of clear varnish completed the job.

Step 2: The DIY Door

To turn the open shelves into hidden storage, Tantely cut an MDF board to fit the size of the opening of the TROFAST unit. She then used a jigsaw to cut out an oval shape in the center.

The MDF board was sanded smooth, primed, and painted the same color as the unit. On the back of the door, burlap fabric was stapled in place. This added texture and a nice contrast to the pink.

Finally, brass hinges were screwed into the back of the MDF board and the TROFAST frame. Now, the TROFAST door could be closed to conceal whatever was stored inside. Magnetic catches keep the door in place, and a small piece of MDF is fashioned into a door knob.

IKEA TROFAST Kitchen Storage Hack

Photo Credit: @honeytnr

Tantely found a creative way to repurpose the TROFAST toy storage from her daughter’s room. She almost wanted to throw it away, but inspiration struck, and she upgraded it for kitchen storage. She transformed it from open shelving into a more cabinet-like unit to serve her kitchen storage needs better.

Step 1: Modifying the shelving unit

First, she needed to fill in the grooves of the TROFAST frame to give it a cleaner look. Styrofoam was packed into the grooves; plaster was applied over the top of the filled grooves and all over the TROFAST unit, giving it a textured style. Once dried, she sanded down rough edges and rolled over all surfaces with white paint.

With the frame modified, she closed up the back by cutting an MDF board to size and screwing it into the back. Feet were also added underneath to lift the unit off the floor.

Step 2: The geometric door

Now, it was time to craft the door. On a thin MDF board, Tantely sketched out her desired patterns. Using a jigsaw, she cut out the designs and sanded them smooth.

She glued these cutouts onto another MDF board cut to fit the front of the TROFAST. The new “door” was then painted and sealed with varnish.

Tantely then screwed hinges into the door and TROFAST unit to allow it to open and close. Finally, a knob was cut from wood and attached for easy pulling.

By making simple modifications, Tantely turned her TROFAST into an attractive kitchen storage cabinet – perfect for hiding away daily staples.

With these simple hacks, Tantely turned open shelving into a stylish closed storage cabinet – hiding the clutter but keeping the IKEA style. Easy upgrades like this can refresh your old shelving unit.

If you’ve hacked your TROFAST storage unit, share your project with us.

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