quick and easy way to change the colour theme of your furniture

it is always a challenge when you want to change the colour scheme of your home and old pieces of furniture stick out like sore thumbs. with some paint and creativity, you can bring you old furniture into the new scheme of things. here’s what lisa did.

“i recently did my first ikea hack and i would like to share my idea. as i’m turning my whole house into a black and white scheme, my birch veneer billy didn’t match anymore. i took the whole thing apart, and painted it. the outsides black and the shelves white (with black in the front).

PA100002 PA100267

then i glued wall paper at the back of the bookcase, put everything back together and… voila! billy was black and white! i only had to buy the wall paper, and as i didn’t use all of it and i’m now using it to decorate other things in my house (i.e. my jewelry boxes which you can see in the pix below).”