Closed Expedit wall

Materials: 2 4×4 and 2 2×4 Expedit and several custom made panels

Description: My home office is actually a part of the living room and was divided by a 5×5 and 2×4 Expedit. It looked very messy and didn’t filter any noise from the kids while working.

Inspired by a lot of the submissions here I started my own hack and purchased 2 4×4 and 2 2×4 Expedit bookcases.

Before starting I had 2 custom made panels made the same width as the Expedit outer panels and 240cm long.

I had the idea to attach them the same way as this hack but as side panels because I wanted to add doors as well.

I started building the 1st Expedit and replaced the left side panel with 1 custom made panel. I drilled through top panel to use as the base for the 2×4 Expedit and added the 2×4 on top of the 4×4.

Finish with replacing the right side panel with the other custom made panel and a normal Expedit panel for the top.

I did all the above again to create the 2nd bookcase. Once both bookcases were done, I ordered custom made doors (180×46.3cm) pre drilled for the hinges.

Once delivered I added all the doors. On the far right side I still need to add a door as I managed to damage one so am still waiting for the last one to arrive.

I hope you like it. I’m planning to do the exact same type of hack to build a TV cabinet.

~ Kris Legroe, Belgium