hackeas: the tiniest hack ever and more

a tiny sugar shaker
lauren uses the grundtal container with a magnetic back as a sugar shaker. just drill a small hole on the cover and keep it on the fridge.

img_2886 img_2888

link to lauren’s sugar dispenser.

trones clothes hamper
sandrine repurposed the trones shoe storage as a clothes hamper, all properly labelled – “white”, “black”, “color” and “delicate”.

space for inspiration
jenni found a super solution to the problem of wanting a wall-sized inspiration/bulletin board without having to put large and multiple holes in the wall. the hultet curtain/room divider is lightweight and hangs from the crown molding in her craft room. she says, “i tapped my entire supply of clothes pins getting the ‘board’ started, but i know it will hold hundreds more images and photos.”

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see jenni’s inspiration board on her blog