ALGOT & friends wardrobe system

2014-04-13 12.21.14

Materials: Nyttja Frame, Bygel rail + hooks + containers, Ekby Lerberg Bracket, Hugad Rod, Ballstad Door, Algot Trouser hanger system, Skubb hanging clothes organiser.

We wanted a wardrobe that would give space to all our clothes, but all the closets we saw were 60cm deep and that would take too much space. We decided to build something of ourselves, that would be less deep (40cm to be exact).

We installed 4 Algot Wallmounts and ditto brackets to install 3 trouser hangers. Then we measured enough space so that some short dresses would fit and hung 4 Lerberg Brackets with a Balstad door and a Hugad curtain rod. We saw a similar idea here on the website and people, and so did we, were wondering if it would hold together. It’s really holding together so far. I also added a Skud hanging clothes organiser for the small pieces like underwear.

On the second wall we installed shelves from the Algot system and Stave Mirror.

2014-04-13 12.20.44

For the jewelry, we bought a Nyttja frame, attached some lining to the back and glued fabric to it. For my necklaces, we used Bygel Rail with hooks and my rings and other accessories are stored in the Bygel containers.

2014-04-11 15.12.43

~ Jessie