jazz up your bed frame with digital print

james was in italy and noticed custom modern beds that were screen printed on, going in upwards of $6,000. so he decided to try it himself and went to a local graphic shop and dug into their scrap pile. here is what he came up with for his malm bed frame.

james says, “it is just a simple digital print on adhesive backed vinyl, applied on the front of all the vertical surfaces. the hack cost me nothing more then a 1/4 tank of gas, and looks great and everyone asks where i ‘bought it’.

Picture 1-762696 Picture 2-701238 Picture 4-742174

the print came from www.stampededigital.com‘s ‘scrap’ pile (so it was free, all i did was apply it then cut to size), but i am sure they will sell any custom made ‘wrap’ for the bed given the measurements. i thought about doing a van gogh or monet themed print originally, until i saw that particular discarded print on the table and ended up using it instead.”