turning the morrum into a toddler bed


jess c. from maine takes the morrum bed and makes it kid friendly.

she says, “i was drawn to the morrum beds for my kids (5 & 2) as we live in a tiny house and need any additional storage we can find… particularly in their shared bedroom. however, the high bed wasn’t ideal for a toddler… even though his climbing skills are superb, when sleeping i feared my son would roll off. i needed a way to make the beds ‘cozier’.

so i built a frame from 10 inch boards and ‘L’ brackets, left a little wiggle room for adding some foam padding and fabric and cut out a little notch at the end of the frame for climbing aboard. i chose a super fuzzy ‘faux muppet fur’ fabric (i think they called it ‘poodle fleece’) from a clearance aisle of a fabric shop used a staple gun to attach it over the padding.

P8140001 P8140004 P8140002

we also left off the cabinet doors on the storage portion of the bed in order to more safely accommodate our kids using them as tunnels (no pinched fingers!), and also to give us a handy cubby for extra mattress storage (for sleep-overs, etc). the kids love the beds, and on those late nights/early mornings when our two-year-old wants us to lie down with him for a bit, we love how the frame keeps the big clunky adults from falling overboard too! this was my first ikea hack… i get the feeling it might be addictive?”

P8150003 P8160007

Jules Yap