glam up your glimt

tanya hung antique crystals on her glimt pendant lamp and what a difference it makes!

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(Updated July 21, 08)

cellula chandelier from DWR
Christie’s version of the Cellula Chandelier
She says, “I have long coveted the Cellula Chandelier from Design Within Reach (pic right) … (with it’s $2200 price tag it was out of the question). I found the Glimt at Ikea and crafted my own version of the Cellula that is pretty darn close. Below are photos of an up close of my version, and a glimpse of it hanging in my room!

What I did to make it:
1) Bought the 6 light Glimt for $79.99
2) Assembled the light, omitting the glass shades that cover the bulbs
3) Scoured Ebay for crystals in various sizes (I bought a couple big lots of them all for less than $100)
4) Used clear fishing line to hang the crystals at various lengths

Modified GLIMT

The Glimt is meant to be a low hanging table chandelier, so I did have to do some surgery to the electrical wires that hang the fixture to get it as close to the ceiling as I have it hanging.

Modified GLIMT room view
Jules Yap