Vate pendant light as a stand lamp

Materials: Vate pendant lamp

Description: My boyfriend is really creative, but until now we had no idea about him being an IKEA Hacker. But now I found this site:)

We bought a VATE pendant lamp once but it was too huge for our small apartment (and to be honest, I really hated the shape as well). Later he added some extra wires to fix the bulb on the other side, and now we have a nice lamp for our reading-corner in the room. We plan to paint it somehow, just wait for the inspiration:) (Did you recognise the GOSIG MUS rat?)

And when it comes to toys: I don’t know why, but we always buy some of them when we go to IKEA. Of course later we give them to my nephew as presents, or try to use them somehow… check the last picture;)

~ birge, Hungary