under counter cd storage

carlos and girlfriend gave each other a set of cordless tools as a mutual christmas present. they also live in an all-ikea apartment, the only exception being their couch. so a drill does comes in handy.

carlos syas, “we live in a 1-bedroom apartment where the living room and kitchen share one large space together.

we rearranged the living room but had no room for our robin cd/dvd shelves. our kitchen island has a small overhang that protrudes into the living room and we thought ‘why not flip them (the shelves) on their side?’

the width of the two stacked units was exactly the height of the space under the overhang. we cut off the legs from each units and used some of the shelves to create cubbyholes on the now horizontal shelves which also created enough room to stand our dvds on each shelf instead of laying them flat. in the end we didn’t have to cut anything! my girlfriend was a little sad she didn’t get to use our new cordless circular saw but the cordless drill has paid for itself with this hack.”