bag this!

it’s a load of bags today. different shapes for different folks.

frame your portfolio
the first is a portfolio bag and one i’d like to have. i work in advertising and have always thought some thing could be done to those black portfolio bags. while they look understated, it just doesn’t make much of a statement. i think i must have sighed ‘finally!’ when i saw this in the mail.

mary tells me, “i’m a graphic designer who was recently laid off. with little cash to spend on a new portfolio case, i designed and built a new case using items from ikea.


i found two aluminum ribba frames in as-is. they’d lost their glass, which i didn’t need anyway, and were much less expensive than new. i added hinges to the bottom and attached the jigga handles so that they come together at the top, making it comfortable to carry. one yard of patricia fabric covers all sides of the backing board that comes with the frames. i used spray mount to adhere it to the board and put the boards back in place using the bendy clips in the frame.

i attached cabinet magnets and strike plates to the inside. gently pushing the tops of the frames together engages the magnets. they’re strong enough to keep it closed and by putting the closures on the inside, it kept the outside sleek. i installed chains on the inside to keep it from opening too wide.

i’m still looking for a job, but everyone who has seen the case has been very impressed.”

cheap art carrier
next … not one to bring to meetings. but for getting art supplies.

maike claims it is the cheapest ikea hack ever and says, “i just cut the seams at the bottom of an ikea bag (on the narrow side) to be able to make it into one flat bag. i am using those bags to transport big (up to A1) foam board mounted photographs, usually on a bike. the straps are long enough to carry it over the shoulder, unless the picture is wider than 65 cm … the good thing is that when i have delivered the picture, i can fold the bag into my backpack – and it costs next to nothing. in spite of the cuts, the bags are very durable – i have three of them and have been using them for a couple of years already.”

an all day carry all

inspired by this hack, julie whips out her lotta jansdotter’s simple sewing and sews herself an “all day tote”.

see more of julie’s all day tote.

reusable eco market tote
while at linaloo’s, she reviewed a sew, mama, sew pattern with beautiful results. the fabric is patricia.


see more of linaloo’s eco market tote.

Updated! February 25, 2009
Covadonga’s cushion cover handbag
She says, “I used the Hedda Blom cushion cover to make this cute handbag. The size of the cushion is perfect for a big handbag. I even ended up with some scraps. I haven’t seen any other things done with Hedda Blom, so I guess it can be inspiring for other Ikea hackers.

See more of Hedda’s hand bag.

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