How to make a capelet from IKEA Polarvide throw

With the colder weather this is a lovely little capelet made from the Polarvide throw. Surprisingly, it does keep me warm on autumn days.

This is one of the the easiest, simplest way to make your own capelet. And one especially for you non-sewer sewers out there.

And it looks feminine with a dash of vintage charm.

Sew a capelet from an IKEA Polarvide throw
Jessica Wilson | Makezine


1 IKEA Polarvide throw
Needle and thread
Sewing machine
Tape measure
1 snap, button, or other closure
Strips of an old sweater, optional

Sew a capelet from an IKEA Polarvide throw
Jessica Wilson | Makezine

How to make a capelet from an IKEA throw

1. Lay the throw flat on a large surface and measure 21″ across the throw. Pin in place from one end to the other.

2. Cut off the excess, using the pins as guide.

3. Fold over the top edge of the cut piece about 3″ down. This becomes the collar. Pin it dab in the middle.

4. Then turn the capelet inside-out, keeping all pins in place. Pull it over your head and adjust the way it hangs over your shoulders. Pinch excess fabric at the top of each shoulder and pin. Gently remove the capelet and lay it flat. Then sketch the curve of the shoulder using the pins as a guide. Stitch along the curve with a sewing machine or by hand. Trim excess fabric and remove pins.

5. Using the excess fabric from the Polarvide make a bouquet of fabric flowers to cover up the fastener at the front of the capelet. Position flowers over the collar and stitch them on by hand.

See the full tutorial of the IKEA throw capelet.

~ by Jessica Wilson via Craftzine.

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Photo: Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO