bjuron wall display

this ones from melissa, who previously gave us this bathroom remodel. now, it’s a wall display with the bjuron plant pot.

she says, “one of my co-worker collects japanese toys and miniature chair models but unfortunately she lives in a small studio and doesn’t have a lot of floor space for a display cabinet. her collection has grown so large that she needed a new way to display them and just sticking them on an ordinary shelf was out of the question for her. luckily i had an idea for her… bjuron planter boxes.
queenies wall 1 queenies wall 2

i suggested painting the inside white so that the toys would stand out well but leave the rest with the natural wood so there would be an interesting juxtaposition of the natural wood and man-made plastic toy. we selected planters of all sizes to increase the visual interest and to suit the display and size needs of different toys and collections. finally we screwed them into the wall and displayed her collections.”