a charging station to organise your gadgets

we have too many gadgets, don’t we? here’s a charging station from jamie to help tame those wires.

jaime writes, “i have been looking for something to keep all my chargers and devices organized and i haven’t found anything that i could afford and still pay back my student loans! so i started looking at diy ideas for charging stations. these required lots of parts and tools that i just don’t have.
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on one visit to my neighborhood ikea, i purchased a mackis storage rack for my crafting space. i got to thinking that i could hack it and turn it into what i needed, with very few tools or extra parts.
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in the end, i made the station in two hours while watching tv. i was able to use tools i had around. the only cost was the mackis rack.

see jamie’s charging station instructions on her myspace blog or more photos on flickr.