Cat Protector

Protect plant from cat

Materials: LINDMON jalousie, flat ribbon

Winter time is coming and the garden plants had to move into the house. But this year we’re having a cat, too, and despite a climbing tree I installed between cellar and basement, the cocos palm that got its winter home in our living room was too tempting for our cat. It took only a couple of minutes before Rusty detected it, jumped into the middle of the plant and started biting the leaves. Needless to say you can’t teach a cat not to do this!

We urgently needed a cat protector.

Plant protector
Protect plant from cat
Protect plant from cat

After some thoughts about using plastic pipes or thin brass deco sheets I remembered that there was this LINDMON jalousie with damaged ropes in the attic. Suddenly everything was clear – thanks to a look at the 2012 bamboo calendar from the local Chinese restaurant.

Calculate the diameter/length and add ca. 50cm
Cut 6 lengths of flat ribbon (I took 4 lengths of 6mm width plus 2 lengths of 10mm width)
Tie together in 2 bundles 3 plus 3 at ca. 20cm from one end
Place the bundles on a flat surface, spaced at the distance of the holes in the LINDMON lathes
Place first LINDMON lathe on the ribbons, over 2 under 1
Add more LINDMON lathes, changing the run of the ribbons each time
Knot the ribbons together after placing the last lathe – you have enough surplus here, to tie together start and end to form a closed tube.
Mount around the plant
Watch cat and laugh about its astonishment

~ Mike D, Austria