Hide your CDs

Adriana doesn’t like her technology showing and decides to hide it in a cabinet.

She says, “I bought an Ivar Gorm shelving unit ($20) to put into the cabinet and hold my CDs and technology, but then realized it wouldn’t work the way i wanted.

So, I decided to modify.

On an Ivar Gorm, the vertical pieces of wood are about 1×4, so I kept two of the four intact. The other two, I cut into pieces and made them legs that sit on each shelf.
DSC04263 DSC04265

So, I assembled the back according to directions and the 1x4s for the front acted as legs. The legs are only attached to the shelf above. They are not attached to the shelf below.
DSC04266 DSC04267

Someone who cared could do a better job. Mine was really in the moment when I realized my original plan would not work, and, if I didn’t do it when it hits me, it won’t get done. So, you can see I cracked the wood because I did not have the right screws.

But, it works and no one sees my stuff.”

Jules Yap