malm room divider

william does a great job with 2 malm chests as room dividers and storage space. am loving the back design.


“i wanted something wider that could also be used to separate living spaces. i screwed two malm 3-drawer chests together side by side, added some support so i could add elevator legs and make the chests appear to ‘float’ a bit off the floor. to tie it together visually i got a 1/2″ piece of tempered glass that was painted white for the top.

P1000422the malm does not have an attractive back so i added a solid panel to it. i started with an organic design i made in adobe illustrator, and then had the design routed out of 3/4″ mdf with a cnc router. after having it finished with a high gloss paint, it was simply attached on the inside of the 2 connected malm chests.”