Burn, baby, burn: Decorating MACKIS

Materials: MACKIS minichest

Description: For using the whole amount of storing space im my BILLY, I bought a MACKIS minichest. After a littly while, I thought it was too boring, even to live behind closed doors and so I used my soldering iron to apply patterns on it.


  1. I sized the chests and planned the patterns on my PC. I used a collection of Photoshop Pencils and a nice artwork collection of a german comic artist to create the design for the chests.
  2. I printed the template and copied it to the chest by using tracing paper and pencil.
  3. I switched on my soldering iron and traced the pattern into the wood. (Because of the heavy work for your eyes, consider 2 to 3 evenings for finishing that work.)

~ Anja, Chemnitz, Germany