A quality headphone stand for cheap

Wiretap builds this solid headphone stand from Ikea parts.

headphone stand
Parts list:
Main stand portion: Bjarnum Shelf Bracket 11”
Headphone holder post: Capita Leg 4”
Wire wrapping posts: Attest Knob

He says, “Some shorter bolts are needed for mounting the leg and knobs to the Bjarnum Shelf Bracket. They can be found at your local hardware store. Take the Capita Leg and Attest Knob to the hardware store with you to find the appropriate thread pattern and size. (metric thread size) The new bolts for the Attest Knob need to be 1/2” long, and the new bolt for the Capita Leg should be no longer than 3/4”.

headphone standOne hole needs to be drilled with a 3/8” or equivalent drill bit, and that is for mounting the Capita Leg to the ‘top front face’ of the Bjarnum Shelf Bracket. Measure 1” down from the top and center of the front face of the shelf bracket. Drill the hole carefully so it is perfectly on center. After that is drilled, you can put the large bolt through the hole and mount the Capita leg to the shelf bracket.

Now, there are already two other holes that were supposed to be used for set screws on the shelf bracket, but it turns out the knob bolts will fit through them perfectly. Put the small bolts through those holes and thread on the knobs. Then all you need to do is mount the assembled headphone stand to your desk. I drilled some 3/16” holes through my desk and mounted it with machined bolts, using washers and nuts on the other side to keep it secure. If you don’t want to drill through your desk, you can also make a custom base for it, but that is up to you.”

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Updated! February 23, 2009
Lauri’s headphone stand from a toilet roll holder
She says, “I modified Grundtal toilet roll holder to a nice headphone stand. It stands next to my new rack that is made also from Ikea materials. The moding was very easy. Just slowly bend the metal.”

Jules Yap