Hang up your coat with a Grundtal

Another hat and coat solution, repurposed from kitchen items, from Joshua.

He says, “Here in Toronto, we’ve been searching for a coat rack that could also double as a shelf for gloves, scarves, and hats. All of which are necessary for living in a frozen wasteland. The problem was that all the coat racks that also had shelves were either too expensive or too large for our tiny apartment. They just couldn’t fit.

Our solution was to hang a Grundtal Rail and use the Grundtal S-Hooks for coats and hats. This just fit in the space behind our door. For hats and gloves, we hung a Grundtal Dish Drainer from the rail and put a Komplement Storage Box on it to hold the loose stuff.

It looks pretty good for being scrounged from random Ikea stuff.” See more on Joshua’s blog.