Have you got it yet?

Yes. The 2009 Ikea catalogue.

What is it about this catalogue that makes it such an ‘event’ to look forward to? A friend living in an Ikea-less country recently told me that he had to fork out good money for a copy. And that I should be thankful that I get mine free. Yes, I am.

First cut. The staples are pretty much intact. Good to see them expanding the Besta/Inreda bookcase/media storage range. I have seen some good combos come out of it. And since I have an Expedit bookcase, I’m very happy to see more toys for it. Maybe I can finally get rid of the less than pretty Lekman plastic boxes. Also, the Trollsta sideboard is quite a looker but for some reason, I keep imagining it should be in red.

Now to you. Browse the online catalogue. Come back and share what you like or hate about the Ikea 2009 range.

Jules Yap