14 highly hackable items from the 2018 IKEA Catalogue


The 2018 IKEA Catalogue is chock-full of inspiration and ideas. And it got me thinking (and furiously listing) my favorites and ideas for some possible IKEA hack projects. Not all items below are new products, nevertheless, they are things to consider for your next IKEA hack project. And do feel free to chime in on your favorites. I would love to see more possibilities.

VEBERÖD room divider to privacy screen

2018 IKEA Catalogue - VEBERÖD room divider

I love the new VEBERÖD range.  The VEBERÖD room divider has a mesh panel and hooks for hanging up coats and hats. At the base, a bench with “hammock” style storage beneath. Add a piece of fabric or plastic to the mesh and it could serve as a privacy screen for your balcony (like this). Hang up pots of plants to complete the look.

EKET cabinet to cat ladder

2018 IKEA Catalogue - EKET cabinet

The EKET cabinet is basically a cube. Add legs and it turns into a nightstand. Stack 2 vertically and it becomes a side table. Stagger them and they become a cat ladder or cat cave.

PINNIG coat rack with shoe storage bench to room divider

2018 IKEA Catalogue - Pinnig Coat rack with shoe storage

Place two PINNIG units back to back, sandwiching a plywood panel (or art) and you effectively have a room divider.  Two kids sharing a room will appreciate the PINNIG separating the room into 2. They would each have a bench and storage on his or her side of the room, plus a little bit of extra privacy. Pull a desk in front of the bench and you’ll have a homework space.

NESTTUN bed frame embellished

2018 IKEA Catalogue - NESTTUN bed frame

The NESTTUN looks like a sturdy steel bed that will last forever. The net-patterned headboard creates a light and airy feel but it does look a little bland. The net pattern also makes it easy to embellish. Weave a network of fabrics through for color. Or if you like the tufted headboard look, this is a perfect candidate for it, without having to drill holes.

DYNAN shelving with cabinets to wall-to-wall unit

2018 IKEA Catalogue - DYNAN shelving

The DYNAN shelving system is designed primarily for the bathroom but it can work in the living room or study too. Build it horizontally for a wall-to-wall media unit or bookshelf. Opt for the bamboo shelves to warm up the look. If you wish, the white powder-coated steel exterior can be spray-painted for a dash of color. Switch out the legs for fancy ones for a less utilitarian look.

YIPPERLIG magazine stand to drinks cart

2018 IKEA Catalogue - YIPPERLIG magazine stand

This item in collaboration with HAY, I imagine, can become a pretty swanky drinks cart. I’m not entirely sure of its dimensions, as it is made as a magazine stand, but it seems doable. The base may need some extra height, perhaps a wooden base with casters. Another thought I had would be to use two on the wall as a shelving unit. Place one right side up and one below the first, upside down, aligning the feet, so you get an “oval-shaped” shelving unit.

LALLERÖD coffee table to pet cage

2018 IKEA Catalogue - LALLEROD coffee table

When I look at this, I see a pet cage for a small furry friend. Do you think it can work?

KASSEBY display box to jewelry box

2018 IKEA Catalogue - KASSEBY display box

Seems like IKEA finally decides to give us a memory box. But this handy display box also screams jewelry box. Just add 3M command hooks to the back of the box. Stick a mirror to the front glass panel if you want to or leave it as-is if you wish to see your jewelry.

MYRHEDEN frame to room divider

2018 IKEA Catalogue - MYRHEDEN frame

It was love at first sight for me when I saw the MYRHEDEN brass-colored frame. 12 clips are included and you can pin up photos, fabric swatches, to-do lists. Keys and other small things can go on the hooks. You can hack this frame into a room divider too. IKEA shows us how it’s done.

2018 IKEA Catalogue - MYRHEDEN frame

Hang the top row of MYRHEDEN frame on a curtain rod then hang another frame off the bottom row of hooks. Hang as many as needed. It could serve as a minimalist room divider and inspiration/ vision board for a dorm or craft room.

TVÄRS table lamp to Hot Air Balloon Lamp

2018 IKEA Catalogue - TVARS table lamp

The TVÄRS seems to have replaced the LAMPAN as the cheapest lamp you can find at IKEA. It’s only $2.99 (RM15.90) and super hackable. Turn it upside down, add a REGOLIT paper shade and you have a Hot Air Balloon lamp. See how it’s done here. You could also makeover the plain shade with post-its like this.

LILLABO 50-piece track set to wall decor

2018 IKEA Catalogue - LILLABO track set

These tracks are not only lovely for trains but they work as wall decor too. Use the tracks to create striking graphics for your walls, like this.

FLISAT Children’s desk to LEGO table

2018 IKEA Catalogue - FLISAT children's desk

The FLISAT table is adjustable to 3 different heights, has a top that tilts, and even a holder for MÅLA drawing paper roll. Below the tabletop, there are slots that fit TROFAST bins. This means this table is a great candidate for a LEGO play table hack.

LÅDDAN 6-piece storage board set to jewelry holder

2018 IKEA Catalogue - Laddan 6 piece bathroom set

This cute bathroom set is perfect for when your child wants to learn how to brush their teeth and hair on their own. When they grow up, re-purpose it into an accessories holder. Hang earrings on the peg holes and necklaces around the hooks. Rings can go into the boxes. And there’s already a mirror that comes with it.

STILLHET tealight holder to goblet

2018 IKEA Catalogue - STILLHET tealight holder

As a classy (but small) lampshade, drill a hole at the base and thread through a LED light. Flip it over, attach the base to an ARV bowl with Sugru and you have a goblet. Or fix it to a plate for a fancy cupcake stand.

And that’s are my thoughts and ideas for possible hack projects. What about you?

Did you spot a hackable item in the 2018 IKEA Catalogue?

Let me know in the comments below.