Looking for a low bathroom bench? Here’s one to hack.

I like how Gianni modified the Malm console for his bathroom. I can’t find the link to it but it does look like the Malm occasional table, only longer. 

“I was wondering how to sort out the bathroom, especially where the basin is,” says Gianni. “Actually, I knew I wanted a bench, but I could not find any cheap ones, neither could I custom build one (far too expensive). The bench had to be large/narrow enough to fit nicely beyond the bathtub, so when I saw the Malm console and after I checked its width, I knew I was done.


So, I bought the Malm console for bedroom and I simply shortened the legs to make it a bench. Before the cut, I made sure I could fit the Kassett boxes underneath, cause they would give me extra storage space for stuff and shoes.”