Elevated dog bowl feeder for $22

I’m loving this elevated dog bowl feeder from Melody and Brett. It looks great and sits really well in their space. Pugs are not shabby either. 

Recently I was seriously considering purchasing a pricey pet bowl for my 2 spoiled pugs to share, but decided to give a go at making one myself (or at least coming up with the idea and having the husband execute!) The bowl I was going to purchase was this one but the bowl I made cost me only $22 in Ikea pieces and we just used the bowls we already had.

Using 2 Slinga brackets (can’t find the link on Ikea website) and 1 white Jarpen shelf we traced the bowls and cut 3 holes out using a jigsaw (think we should have used a router, but we don’t own one so jigsaw it was!) Then we mounted the shelf to the top of the Slinga brackets using the screws and plopped in 3 metal bowls that we had in their old dish, water in the middle and food on the sides. Rizzo and Romeo now have a cool modern elevated doggie diner so they can eat in comfort, with company, and in style. It’s sturdy and just the right height.

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