Elevated dog bowl hacks: 2 easy and affordable IKEA DIY

I’m loving this elevated IKEA dog bowl hack from Melody and Brett. It looks great and sits really well in their space. Pugs are not shabby either. 

“Recently I was seriously considering purchasing a pricey pet bowl for my 2 spoiled pugs to share, but decided to give a go at making one myself (or at least coming up with the idea and having the husband execute!) The bowl I made cost me only $22 in IKEA pieces and we just used the bowls we already had.

elevated dog bowl IKEA hack

IKEA item used:

JARPEN shelf (discontinued, try the BURHULT instead)
SLINGA brackets (discontinued, try CAPITA legs instead)

Using 2 SLINGA brackets and 1 white JARPEN shelf we traced the bowls and cut 3 holes out using a jigsaw (think we should have used a router, but we don’t own one so jigsaw it was!) Then we mounted the shelf to the top of the SLINGA brackets using the screws and plopped in 3 metal bowls that we had in their old dish, water in the middle and food on the sides.

Rizzo and Romeo now have a cool modern elevated doggie diner so they can eat in comfort, with company, and in style. It’s sturdy and just the right height.”

elevated dog bowl IKEA hack
pugs waiting for food

~ by Melody and Brett

If you have large dogs, try this elevated dog bowl stand.

Dog Diner for large dogs

We first purchased the LACK side table for $7, but really didn’t have a spot for it. It was just a great deal! I then realized it’s purpose — it was perfect as a dog bowl stand. Our dogs are large so the height is just right. If you need to, you can shorten the legs for a lower stand.


LACK side table
Dog bowls

And here’s our humble IKEA dog bowl hack. Hope you like it.

Hacking it couldn’t be simpler. Using the bowls we drew circles on the table top. My husband used a Dremel to cut the properly sized holes. We cleaned up the cuts a bit and then placed our dog’s food and water bowls in them.

That’s it!

~ Ashley Stroud, Somerset, KY