Feeding and water stand for a large dog

Materials: TJUSIG bench/shoe storage, drill, saw

Description: This is a really simple hack. Our dog, Gibbs (Argentine Mastiff/ boxer mix) is too tall for most of the commercially available bowl stands. He was having a big issue keeping food and water down.

We decided to try to hack a feeding stand that wouldn’t have him bending down to eat.

So, the hack:
one Tjusig from Ikea $60
Before assembly, I used a drill to start the holes, and a saw to make the round holes in the bench top.

Key piece to this hack: measure. measure again. then measure after you’ve already measured.

If you do cut too big, you could use a rubber washer (over sized) to block the water from dripping on the floor.

Assemble as directions show with one BIG difference:

You need to leave out the solo support top piece of wood. This would block the area where the bowls will sit in the bench top.
Before anyone asks, we have been using this for several months, and even with a few unplanned crashes from the dog, it is sturdy as can be.

I also guess in theory you could store dog toys on the shoe racks…… in theory.

Since we did this, our dog has gotten most of his weight back on (was a rescue), and the only time we have issues with him being sick is when he finds a puddle of water out back.

Hope this helps some other Large breed dog owners!

~ Nick Thomas, Baltimore, MD