Now you see it, now you don’t kitchen countertop

Madga is blessed to have 2 “designer guys” living with her and whipping up such great stuff. With my kitchen, I would so love to have an extra countertop that tucks away nicely. The extra pull out shelf for the coffee maker is an awesome idea.

She says, “Since we have a really small kitchen we have to find storage for everything even some extra countertop. My two designers guys (my dad and my husband) made this for me.

It’s a countertop made from a top of a black Lack table (found in the “As is” section of our Ikea store ) and a basic rail from the local hardware store. So, as you can see, in the morning all is hidden behind the aluminum curtain of my Avsikt cabinet.

My coffee maker has a little shelf of its own too just to make it more convenient in the morning (it’s a little extra hack for this cabinet made out of a piece found in the “As Is” section also). It’s very useful for preparing coffee and toasts in the morning: I just pull it out and voilà some extra countertop!”